2013 Was Kinda Rad

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Considering it’s already Thanksgiving and I’m already in that holiday spirit, I must say that I’m really happy with the adventures, experiences (good and bad), and new collaborators 2013 brought my way. My band and I were thrilled to play the He Said, She Said Tour which took us on short journeys (but journeys no less!) to Wilmington, New York and Philadelphia. Got myself a brand new website, a new moniker and completed work on my brand new single including fresh performance video, “Can’t Let Go” – available January 2014 worldwide! Look fo’ meee:) Definitely excited about showing you guys what’s next. Thanks for being a part of this wild ride. I’m at work in the studio the next couple months but expect to see us back onstage this Spring. Don’t forget to get on the mailing list for the inside scoop. Wishing you a blessed and joyful holiday season. – t.

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